Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Two Choices for Cover Art for My Upcoming Erotic Romance!

Here are the two covers I came up with.  They are both identical except for the image on the cell phone.  One is a man, one is a woman.

The first cover is the one I made first.  I wanted to go with a man's torso, because it is an erotic romance aimed at women.  However, the only good image that I found of hands on a keyboard that I really liked was that one that I chose, which looked to me like a man's hands.  So I thought it might look weird having man's hands next to a cell phone with a man's picture on it.  So I chose a woman instead.

But after printing out the picture in 8x11" size, I realized the hands might actually be a woman's, but with short nails.  And I really want a man, because putting a picture of a woman's boobs on there makes it look like I'm trying to draw in male readers.  So I added a guy, and I think this is the one I'm going with. 

The red bars across the page were made with a flowery background because I wanted to soften the look and make the cover look more feminine.  That's also why I added the swirly "S". 

I hope they look as good as I think they look. 

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