Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sexy Excerpt!

Originally posted on my old blog on July 16, 2010, re-posted here with some edits. 

This is an excerpt of a story I started a while back. It's more erotica, there's really no romance in it. It’s still on the back burner while I’m finishing other projects, but I probably will release it as a short story or novella in the near future. I’d love any feedback anyone feels like sharing. (But remember, it’s a draft, so please be kind!) 

The floor rushed up to meet her face, and a blinding pain exploded across her nose and cheekbone. She lay stunned for a moment, breathing hard as the spots dancing before her eyes began to recede, and the sharp pain throughout her face was replaced by a throbbing ache. Then she heard it again. A pounding sound.

The insistent knocking grew louder as Beth Wilson scrambled to get up off the floor, kicking the offending toys out of her path as she went. When would those kids learn to pick up their toys? When she fell broke her leg? Wouldn’t that be ironic? Then they’d have to pick up their own toys–she wouldn’t be able to do it for them.

More knocking. Harder. Louder.

The sound reverberated in her head, and it felt as if a class of tiny ten-year-olds had taken up residence in there, tap dancing across the inside of her skull with their tiny metal-lined shoes.

She grumbled “He’s early, and he wants to knock with an attitude because I’m not waiting at the door?”

Beth paused at the large mirror that hung near the door, inspecting the damage. Her nose looked a bit red, and her hair looked just lovely in that skewed ponytail…but worse yet was her clothes. She’d gained a bit of weight over the last year, filling out her white shorts a bit too well, the neckline of her worn tank top pulled down a bit by the weight of her ample breasts. Not a look she’d choose to sport in public, but she certainly didn’t have time to change now.

Who cares what some stranger I’ll never see again thinks of my morning attire? Especially some moron who–

Beth opened the door with an irritated jerk, just as the man was preparing another assault on it.

His hand froze, mid-air, curled in a fist. “Whoa,” he stepped back, startled. “I’m sorry, I was beginning to think no one was home.” His eyes dropped to her breasts, then reverted quickly to her face.

Normally Beth would have been annoyed at his lack of discretion, but she was too busy trying not to let her mouth drop open. Lean muscles strained the fabric of the rolled up sleeves of his olive uniform shirt. His sandy brown hair was cut short in the back, but the front fell into his sexy brown eyes. A slight stubble gave him a hint of a “bad boy” edge.

“Come in.” Her anger at his brutish knocking dissipated as she stepped back to allow him inside. He was even brawnier than she’d first thought, and though he turned sideways as he squeezed past, he was unable to avoid brushing against her breasts. She felt the blood rushing to her cheeks as she closed the door.  

Now I know why women have that old clichéd fantasy about the cable guy! Except her satellite installer was hotter than any cable guy she’d ever seen.  Her gaze drifted down to his sculpted ass, cradled in tight olive pants.

The man stopped mid-way into the living room, and turned, tool box in hand. “Should I get started in the bedroom?”

Startled, Beth tore her eyes away from checking out his backside (which was now his frontside since he’d turned around) and looked up at him, her eyes wide. “Wh…what?”

“I don’t see a t.v. in here. Unless you have a theater room, I’m assuming it’s in the bedroom.” He smiled, the corners of his eyes crinkling, and felt sure he knew what she’d been doing.

Her face flamed, and she wanted to crawl into a hole and die. “Uh…yes, it’s in my bedroom. And in the den! There’s one in the den, too.” She was talking too fast, stumbling over her words. She kicked a few more toys out of her way and walked down the hall, conscious of the brawny man following just a few steps behind.

Upon entering her bedroom, she realized she hadn’t tidied up yet, and quickly pulled the covers up over the bed, smoothing them.
The installer walked over to the open armoire that housed the t.v. and DVD player.

“So you’re moving up from cable, finally?”

Standing, she watched him bend over and inspect the wiring behind the armoire. Something stirred within her, and she felt her pulse quicken. It had been a long time. Too long.

“Yes. The price increase last week was the last straw.” She fell silent, feeling awkward, but unable to take her eyes off his broad shoulders. The muscles in his back rippled beneath the green fabric as he twisted, getting down on one knee for a closer look. She walked up behind him. “Well, I’ll get out of your way…”

“Oh, you’re not–” he turned, then stopped, finding himself only inches from her breasts. For a split second he seemed lost, like a deer mesmerized by an oncoming car. Then he blinked and looked up quickly, appearing embarrassed.  “You’re not in the way…at all.”

At the husky sound of his voice, a warm tingle began to spread between her legs. In her mind she saw him grasp her around the waist, and put her to him, cupping one breast in his hand and flicking her nipple with his tongue, right through her clothing.

She took a deep breath, pushing the image aside, hoping he didn’t notice that her nipples had grown taut.

Beth took a step back, with a nervous smile. “I’ll just go…do some stuff…that I have to do. Out there.” She pointed towards the hallway, then backed up slowly, as he watched her. Forcing herself to walk out of the room (rather than running at top speed, as she wanted to), she went down the hall and into the living room.

She was trembling.  She couldn’t get the image of his mouth on her breast out of her mind. In fact, she wasn’t even sure she wanted to.
Inhaling deeply, she let out a slow breath and bent down to pick up the scattered toys, returning them to the wicker baskets she stowed under the coffee table.  

When you’re thinking about a roll in the hay with the satellite guy, it’s time to get back into the dating scene, she thought.  As she was on her knees, pushing the last of the baskets into place, she heard a sound behind her. Looking over her shoulder, she saw him standing there.


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