Friday, September 30, 2011

Two New Stories Coming Up!

I've already mentioned Training Will, which I have now re-named Personal Assistance, as I thought that was more appropriate.  Here is the final cover:

And here is the thumbnail:

And here is the cover for my latest story, Do Not Disturb:

And here it is in thumbnail:

It will probably be the first one out, hopefully by this weekend (I know, I keep saying that).  I'm going to try to get Personal Assistance out this weekend too, but since this is my first time actually uploading, and there are five sites I'll be uploading it to, it will depend on how hard it ends up being.  As soon as the stories go live, I'll post here with the blurbs and links.

After I get these two out, I'll try to get  Sexting and Personal Display of Arousal out by next weekend, and then start on some new shorter stories.  It should be an exciting week!

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